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Thanks for visiting the St Peter’s Primary School Sustainability Blog. Please have a look around and feel free to leave comments on the posts.

St Peter’s is proud to be involved in the Resource Smart Program. We are currently a two start school and have completed the core, energy, waste and biodiveristy modules of the program.

Listed below are our school’s environmental policies and documents.

St Peter’s Sustainability Policy

St Peter’s Strategic Environmental Management Plan. (2012/13)


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Great work Emma
This blog provides a wonderful snapshot of all the great initiatives that you coordinating at St Peter’s School.
Very useful for the students and teachers, in terms of access to resources and project information.
Thank you for all your hard work

nice work Mrs Canning with the activities you set up for us all

I think that you should just buy things that are not individually Wrapped and put them in snap lop bags =



I think it should be wrapper free every day to help our environment and save the animals. I learnt that if everyone in Melbourne had a 5 minute shower or more it can fill a MCG in one day.

thankyou for reading

I learnt that you can buy one big bag of chips and just put the chips in containers,
So that’s where you can save money and you will have more space for storage.

I found out that the use of water in one house for a whole day is about as much as the MCG filled up with water right to the top. I also learnt that a lot of famous land marks are getting destroyed by global warming which is caused by air polution,also they are getting destroyed by every day waste

I learnt that 30% of the water in your house is used in the shower and that can fill the entire MCG , I also learnt that we can can help the environment by reusing things to make new helpful things.

Hi all

My name is Dean Pearce from VicSuper and I meet some of you at the School Sustainability Awards.

I am not sure who I actually meet but I swapped some sun flower seeds for your card and a priomise that I would have a look at your site.

What can I say? I was extremely impressed you have well docmumented policies and loads of interactive features, it is a great site and a real credit to you all.

Well done everyone and keep up the great work.

Dean Pearce (Head of Employer Relationships – VicSuper)

I think we should always be Wrapper Free to save animals and thier habitat and pick up rubbish when we spot it on the floor so we do not pollute Earth .I learnt that if everyone had more than a 5 minute shower it could fill up the MCG.

Great Work Mrs Canning! (:

I think that we should always be wrapper free because if we don’t be wrapper free we wont help the environment

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