Wrapper Free Friday


Posted by ecanning | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on March 3, 2013

At St. Peter’s we are Wrapper Free on Fridays. No wrappers are to come to school and go out in the playground on Friday. If you do bring wrappers they are to go home in your lunch box. We encourage you to not only be wrapper free on Friday, but also on all days of the school week. Eating wrapper free also is also great for your health, as many healthy fruits and vegetables can be chosen. Did you know that wrappers that are left in our playground can get blown down drains and end up in our rivers and oceans where animals living there can mistake it for food? Glad wrap can look like a delicious jelly fish for a seal, however the consequences of eating it can be devastating for our wildlife. Think! What do you want to see in our oceans and rivers? How can your small effort help? Please respond in the comments section.

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