Year 3 Work with St Monica’s Students.


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Over the past four weeks 3KC students have worked with Year 9 Quest students from St Monica’s College. The students completed sessions at St Monica’s Dalton Rd Campus as well as at St Peter’s to work on habitat development activities including weeding, mulching and planting.

(More photos coming soon).

Waste Wise Tips from 5AN


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Help the environment and reduce wrappers by selective shopping!!
Here are some tips to think about when you are at the supermarket. A few important choices can make a BIG difference!
• Reduce the amount of packaging you buy, reuse what you can, and recycle the rest.
• Look for products without packaging – for example fresh produce and, dry goods.
• Avoid individually wrapped portions (cheese slices, juice, etc.).
• Favour products with a high recycled content, even if they cost a little more.
• Choose products that come packaged in reusable containers, and larger size containers.
• Buy in bulk. Sometimes you can take your own plastic or other containers to the store to be filled directly with bulk goods.
• Buy frozen foods in plastic bags rather than boxes. They are usually less expensive and results in less waste.
• When purchasing just one or two items say, “I don’t need a bag, thanks.”
• Choose rechargeable batteries and long-life bulbs.
• Avoid disposable items.
• Buy recycled paper items.
• Use your own reusable bags when shopping and if you do use plastic grocery bags, take them back to the store to be recycled.

VISY Recycling Poster Competition.


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As part of Recycling Week 2013 we have again entered the VISY/City of Whittlesea recycling poster competition. Many students from our school and other local schools created posters with the theme ‘Reggie Says Recycle Right: What Can and Can’t be Recycled in the City of Whittlesea’. 12 winning entries will be selected from all of the entires across the City of Whittlesea and will be published into a calander for 2014 to be distributed locally. We will find out soon if we have any winners. Good luck to all that entered.

Recycling Week 2013.


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This week is National Recycling Week. St Peter’s students have been involved through completeing a variety of activities and discussions to increase their understanding of the importance of recycling. Please leave a comment with why you think recycling is important and how you can recycle more often.
For further information about Recycling Week please visit:

St Peter’s Present at the Resource Smart Awards 2013.


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On Friday the 8th of November a group of children in years 5 & 6 were led by Mrs. Emma Canning and parent helper Nicole McGrotty in attending and presenting at the 2013 Resource Smart Awards at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The students were Dimitris, Nicholas C, Caitlin M, Mikhail G, Tayden and Adrian. At the Centre we all went into a massive room and we had some special guests from ABC3 and Channel 10. Their names were Kayne Tremilis and Natalie Hunter, they talked about the environment and they also gave awards. We did a presentation on composting and also showed our work at St Peter’s. We were not nominated to win an award this year but had a great time sharing our knowledge and achievements with other schools, teachers and VIPs including members of parliament and bosses of some big corporations. After we had experienced the awards we went back to school. We all had an amazing day!

Ben Coleman works with Prep looking at improving local school habitats


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The Prep children have been investigating our St Peter’s school habitats as part of the inquiry unit “Habitat Hunters.”

Ben Coleman from SMC has kindly given his time to work with Prep to help make sensory garden boxes. He will also be joining the Prep’s on a walk to investigate what lives in our local habitats in the week ahead.

Through the local council Ben has kindly donated a portion of grant money towards the establishment of our gardens to encourage local wildlife and help children understand how they can help with habitats in their local community.

Back in the classroom the Prep children have been setting up a roster for caring for the new plants and watching them grow. Harvesting of seeds and replanting in the Greenhouse donated by Ben will be part of this program. In the coming weeks the Preps will work in teams to create signs about the new garden planter beds. Keep your eyes out for these outside the Grade two rooms, where our vegetable gardens are being established.

The participation through out the school in looking after and nurturing our local gardens has been tremendous in Term Four. When you take the time to look in your own backyard you then get see and appreciate how you can help with just nurturing the smallest of habitats. It is through our small steps to nurture and care for our local environment where we can make the most difference.



Walk to school day.


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Don’t forget that tomorrow, Friday 8th November, will be our second walk to school day. Students can be dropped at the corner of Davisson and McDonalds Rd or choose to walk to school with teachers and students. Students will be required to check in at the park and also when they arrive at school where they will receive a certificate. Walking groups from the park will start from 8am with the last group departing the park at 8.15am.
We look forward to another great morning.

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