Biodiversity Clips for Green Day


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Below are some clips to help us to understand our new whole school focus area of BIODIVERSITY:



*Biodiversity balance song 8min 35 seconds in



What have you discovered about biodiversity?
Why is the balance so important?
In what ways can we protect biodiversity?



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What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is a long word that can be a bit tricky to spell. It refers to all living things that form the web of life. Every part of biodiversity is linked to another part. The survival of each species depends on the health and numbers of others. Biodiversity is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces go together to create and support life. When a species becomes extinct we lose a piece of our puzzle. We will never see the full picture again.

Where is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is everywhere. A teaspoon of salt water can contain more than a million living creatures too small to see. Grab a handful of soil and you may be holding thousands of species covering more than a billion individuals. It is estimated that we only know 10-20% of all species on our planet with many millions of species undiscovered. We have found the big stuff that we can easily see. It’s the little things that we don’t know about that may hold the secrets to medicines and energy of the future.

How does biodiversity help us?

Imagine being the designer of a tree. You create something that; makes oxygen, absorbs carbon dioxide, filters water, stores energy from the sun, makes sugars and food. It creates it’s own climate, provides habitat for millions of species and can change colour with the seasons. It’s a renewable resource for toys and building houses and can make copies of itself. A tree is just one part of the biodiversity puzzle that we need for healthy lives.

Is Australia doing a good job at protecting biodiversity?

Most biodiversity is out of sight and out of mind. Wetlands, swamps, mangroves and mud flats are not fun places for humans. We like to drain them and claim them for development. These places are nurseries for fish, birds and reptiles. What should we do? How do we strike a balance? Since the arrival of Europeans in Australia in 1788, there has been a big loss of biodiversity. The main reason is habitat loss. Introduced species like wild cats, pigs, dogs, camels and cane toads are also a threat to Australia’s biodiversity.

What can we do?

We can’t ignore the loss of biodiversity. The sooner we start the less difficult it will be later. Each of us can take action. How might you get your school to protect its biodiversity? Is your family interested in caring for and creating greater biodiversity at home? How can you get other people to listen to you and take action to help protect our biodiversity?



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Green Day poster

Epping Views Kids Teaching Kids


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Click the link below to access the SUST game for the Epping Views KTK presentation on Green Day.





Leave a comment with an important environmental tip or fact you discovered.



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Enviroweek 2014


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Enviroweek – August 24 – 30, 2014
Enviroweek challenges young Australians to take positive everyday action for a sustainable Australia.
All Enviroweek challenges are about making smart choices and have black balloons measurements for young people to watch their action grow across their school, community and Australia-wide.


St Peter’s will celebrate Enviroweek as well as Literacy and Numeracy week by completing a variety of curriculum based activities.

The highlight of the week will be our 3rd annual Green Day which will take place on Wednesday 27/8.




How will you celebrate Enviroweek?