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In our Stephanie Alexander session today, 4CS worked in the classroom to develop their knowledge of various types of food that they may come across in the program. The students completed a sorting activity and then made posters to share thier knowledge.


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4cs and i recommend we put our food scraps in our compost to help feed our soil

Cooking today was a great learning experience for me. I made rice paper rolls, something I’d never tried before only to discover that they were delicious.
They were easy to make and a very healthy option.

Great work guys with doing those poster. Their looking really good and their look even better finished

This was a very fun class for me. In the sorting activity I got polenta and learnt lots of interesting information about it. I really love cooking from the Stephanie Alexander sessions.

My subject was lentils. The most common lentil found in Australian stores was brown and green lentils.

These Stephanie alexander kitchen garden classes are so fun and are really helpful in our daily life. My favourite class is going in the garden and getting our hands muddy and learning all about different plants and taking them to the kitchen so they can cook.

These classes are so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed looking and learning how to cook. I enjoyed making the posters with my grade and I enjoyed learning how to use cutlery the right way. I enjoyed it so much maybe you can do it some time.

it was fun learning about new foods

That was a good idea because the kids can learn lots of new things that they didn’t know about polenta, lentils, chickpeas and other foods they can use for cooking. I LOVED your idea.

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